Green Technology
Recovery / recycling technologies applied by TreVolti support the decontamination of
dump-sites. Some of the residues in focus were dumped for many years, sometimes even
decades, without any precaution and are now endangering groundwater and
The remaining residue of our recovery / recycling process is decontaminated
from hazardous compounds. Hence, it can be dumped as harmless waste.
In many cases it is even possible to reach a “zero waste” situation since the remaining
residue can be used in construction, cement production, and other industries as base
Metal production from secondary resources usually causes much lower Carbon
Dioxide emission than processing of primary resources.
Off-gas is transformed into by-product (e.g. Sulfuric Acid) or neutralized.
Waste waters (effluents) leaving the process are non-toxic.
Heavily contaminated river at Copper containing dumpside.